Va-lit-zou, design process – ENSA Nantes (2016)

Creation of a suitcase that transforms into a tent and a bicycle.

Va – a conjugation of the verb “to go”, “aller” in french.
Lit– a piece of furniture intended for sleeping, a bed.
Zou – onomatopoeia, come on! hop!
Va-lit-zou – travel suitcase that can be transformed into a bicycle and a tent.

A multifunctional suitcase

A multi-function suitcase could make the traveller freer. All the difficulties experienced with large travel suitcases would be solved.

A bike

Va-lit-zou turns into a bicycle and makes it easier to visit cities. The bicycle part is detachable and can be packed in the suitcase. Thus no part protrudes from the original size of the suitcase so that it is authorized and remain practical in the train or plane (standards of dimensions and weight). The transformation of the suitcase into a bicycle is quick and easy. You don’t need any tools to assemble and disassemble the different parts, and you will not get your hands dirty!

A tent

The tent is also integrated in the suitcase that can be split in two and is connected by tent poles. They are covered by a waterproof tarpaulin to create a sleeping area. Thanks to the integrated zips, the tarpaulin can be attached and removed quickly and easily (maintenance, cleaning, changing).

Va-lit-zou; a solution for freedom of travel

You can freely visit a city by using the bicycle of the suitcase which allows you to take advantage of a storage space to pack your personal belongings. During your trip, once the ideal place to spend the night is found, you can turn your suitcase into a tent. You can always keep your belongings in the suitcase regardless of the mode used (bicycle, compact suitcase, tent).

So, Va-lit-zou is everything you need to travel, including transport, storage and accommodation. It satisfies your adventurous instincts.


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