The field of architecture seems to be accessible to all, thanks to the new technologies made available, but in reality it is very complex and requires know-how and advanced knowledge in the field in order to carry projects successfully.

Thus, each project is composed of different phases, between the initial contact and the quality control, of which it is important to be aware.

Project steps

  • Contact with the architect, and appointment: explanation of the existing problem and the client’s expectations.
  • Feasibility study: Survey of physical and budgetary constraints. PLU analysis (local urban plan) & regulations of the place
  • Sketch and presentation of possible solutions
  • If necessary, preparation and submission of the administrative file
  • Project phase: more concrete drawing of the project in order to cost the project more precisely
  • Call for tenders: choice of companies, cost of works and planning
  • Site follow-up and quality control
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