Creation of a private garden – Hauts-de-Seine (2018)

The owner’s request was to cover his concrete slab terrace and to be able to access the garden from the veranda on the first floor. The work was carried out in collaboration with Atelier Kaba.

Technical details

A carpenter created the stairway that blends into the landscape following the plans. It is composed of a succession of wooden platforms and it revolves around the olive tree. Steps join the outside stair to the house and allow access from the first floor. The wooden platforms, larger and more widely spaced than traditional steps, can be used as a seat to enjoy the garden and its many plantations.

A Tsukubai, a waterfall and a pond are part of the landscape. A mineral zone of gravel and rocks takes place between the stairway and the house.
Chestnut poles are assembled against the party wall to provide support for climbing plants.
The plants, planted quite densely, reinforce the strong character of this small area.
They have mainly Japanese origin and some local species are from Ile-de-France, such as Japanese maples, Spirée, Common juniper, Luzula nivea, Iris, Helxine, Japanese azaleas, Grasses, Camellia, Ferns, Hostas…

Creation of an outdoor wooden stairway with garden design

Hauts-de-Seine, France

25 m²

Base & realization & participation

Operating cost
30 000€ inclusive of taxes

Delivery date

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