Cultural school

The aim of this project is to create a cultural school in the foreign district of Tokyo for the public to learn Japanese culture. The land is located next to a shopping street, so a rounded façade was imagined to avoid the building to suffocate the street with a straight façade. This allows a better circulation of the public and creates a more attractive and lively building.


The ground floor is half-opened and consists of a gallery where a slightly sloping staircase that follows the shape of the building allows access to the upper floors.

Floors and ceilings are not straight but slightly sloping. As each room on the first floor represents a classroom, it is possible to learn by sitting like on a small hill in a park. In this way, learning is linked to pleasure. Access is always by a staircase that follows the rounded shape of the building. On the second floor there is a library where people can read while sitting on the sloping floor. On the same floor there are two cinemas or theaters and two conference rooms. The sloping floor allows everyone to see like in an amphitheater.

As ecology is an important topic, a slanted roof has been imagined so a lawn can grow on it and people can sit and enjoy the sun while sipping a drink from the bar on the same level.

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