Art Gate, museum with an artist residence

This project aimed to dynamize the district bordering the famous Ueno Park in Tokyo. A new museum has been imagined as a new cultural attraction and it allows young artists to live there and exhibit their creations.


This concept appeared after studying the strengths and weaknesses of districts of Tokyo (Ueno, Asakusa and Akihabara) and after studying the world’s largest museums. Young artists often need more space to create and the museum gives them the opportunity to do so.

In the highest level of the museum there are different residences for artists.

In the building, each room is a workshop that also serves as an exhibition space. This museum exhibits each creation stage of the different artists.

The site is located between the park entrance and a lake. A metro station is directly under the museum so it facilitates its accessibility. People who get off at this station arrive directly in a busy street created within the building itself and which allows them to access the ground floor of the museum to admire the various exhibitions. The difficulty is also to keep a good view of the lake from the park. So the museum has been divided into several parts, with intermediate spaces allowing a view of the lake.

On the facade, different wooden walls with interstices allow the entry of light into the workshops while preserving the places from external glances.

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