IEDA Design & Architecture
“IE”(家) means house in Japanese, “DA” is the acronym for Design & Architecture.

Created in 2017, IEDA Design & Architecture is a Nantes-based micro-business in the field of design and architecture. Thanks to my experience in Tokyo and Paris and my partnerships with various companies, I am at your disposal to plan and realize your architectural and design projects.

The dual training as an architect/engineer in Japan as well as in France gives me the advantage of having more perspective on my work and adopting different points of view. An architect’s vocation is above all to present visions and solutions that go beyond the common imagination while respecting the initial request. This is why knowledge of different fields and cultures, curiosity and sensitivity to contemporary and past events is an essential quality of the architectural profession.

He has to put himself in people’s shoes and be able to imagine their problems as if they were his own. Indeed, the time when the architects imposed their vision is over.

Being an architect means having the ability to continually question yourself.

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